Case Study: a low thickness cementitious coating for resurfacing

Esempio di rivestimento cementizio Bond-Kote The passage of time and weathering inexorably affect our floor substrate, both concrete and asphalt, so interventions are necessary to keep the functionality of the structure. Often the remedial measures are called “cortical resurfacing” and are aimed at restoring a new area without the costs of demolition.

The careful evaluation of materials, design and recovery phases of the cementitious coating is necessary in order increase service life of the floor if we want to avoid the total reconstruction, which would cause expensive and long intervention. In particular, it is important to prepare the surface, removing oil, grease and pollutants, roughening of the surface if necessary, cracks repairing.

The wide range of applications makes it an ideal material for concrete and industrial floors, both commercial and residential.

The experience in interior design comes from the United States in particular, principal operator in the world of decorative low thickness coatings(1-2 mm), that can be applied virtually to any material, including steel and wood. Thank to the choice of the best particle size you can obtain very smooth finishes and surfaces. It is suitable both for internal and external flooring, thereby creating a visual effect of continuous floor.

Ecobeton Italy sought precisely in the USA for these special types of coating thicknesses, from 1 to 30 mm with a compressive strength of 45 MPa. The product has been on the market for about 2 years with two different brands, Ercole ® MicroBond ® for the exterior and the interior design, both pre-mixed powders to create the special adhesive mortar, with around 300 different colours and infinite gradient effects and drawings.

Ercole ® is successfully used in parking lots, garages, outdoor paving, ramps and docks, warehouses and industrial buildings, highways, bridges, sidewalks, curbs, airstrips, and masonry. It is CE marked according to EN 1504-2. MicroBond ® is successfully used for the coating of furniture, walls, ceilings. It can be easily trowelled, suitable for any interior overlay both horizontal and vertical.

Experience has shown, as regards the application of the coating on existing pavement in concrete, that waterproofing the surface before with Evercrete Pavishield ® is able to ensure in total protection against rising damp, acid attack and salts.

Nowadays the demand for low thickness cementitious coatings is constantly growing, thanks to its advantages compared, for example, to epoxy.

Low thickness cementitious coatings have many advantages:
  • Work on wet support (which becomes a requirement, since the use of cement)
  • The composition of the material, based on one-component, non-toxic
  • Resistance (the compression of the cementitious material) which increases over time
  • Natural appearance
  • Ecological nature of the cement
  • Resistance to acid attack and salts
  • Versatility of application, both horizontal and vertical
  • Cost of materials

The product is applied by squeegee or with a trowel, in 2 hands. The cementitious coating has be protected in time through the use of special protective surface products, that ensure ease of cleaning, the colour and brightness preservation, and hinder the absorption of any pollutants (grease, oil, citric acid, coffee, liquids etc..). These products are also marketed by Ecobeton as Steinfix, and represent a safe alternative to solvent based products with high VOC (volatile organic compounds), and offer many benefits including UV and chemical resistance.
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