Microbond is a ready-mixed cementious product for coating and decorating horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Thanks to Microbond, you can customize floors and vertical surfaces such as walls and ceilings in any type of colour and tone and achieve smooth and uniform finish.
A minimalist, modern, dynamic, creative and highly customized style: Microbond can also be applied on pieces of furniture, shelves and stairs, shops and malls.

  • Maximum adhesion to the surface
  • Wear resistant
  • Shear stress resistant
  • Compressive strength resistant
  • Its resistance increases over time
  • It matches with any type of colour and tone
  • Easy application
  • Natural look
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Suitable for outdoor applications

Microbond can be used:
  • On horizontal surfaces
  • On vertical surfaces
  • On furniture, shelves, stairs
  • In kitchens
  • To create a minimalist and modern style
  • To coat floors at low thickness
  • To resurface old floors
  • To resurface commercial buildings and shops at affordable price
  • On floors of balconies and porches

Microbond has a wide range of applications in residential, commercial and industrial fields; it is applied:
  • In residential buildings as trowelled finish floors at low thickness, suitable on underfloor heating
  • As a coating for kitchen countertops, doors, tables
  • As a coating for wood furniture
  • As a coating on wood, iron or concrete stairs
  • As a decorative element in spas, restaurants, bars, pubs
  • For stamped or decorated floors or trowelled finish
  • As a smooth finish over Ercole

Apply Ecobeton Ercole to surface prior to Microbond application.
Any structural repairs, crack treatments, floor repairs, and deep fills should be completed prior to general resurfacing. Substrate must first be dampened with fresh water. Microbond can be applied by squeegee or trowel in multiple applications as needed until desired smoothness or finish is reached.
The surface can be sanded with a dustless sanding machine or polishing machine to achieve a smooth uniform finish.

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