Multi-store car park

Location: Bonassola (GE) - Italy

Treatment: Resurfacing of parking space with Ercole, waterproofing of the roof garden with Evercrete Vetrofluid, stone protection with Brickcover.

Description: For the restoration of the asphalt parking lot in the seafront of Bonassola the following products were used:
- Ercole to restore the car park: low thickness coating, mixed with Bonding Agent, excellent for the recovery works because it has excellent adhesion to the existing support, it is abrasion resistant and weatherproof.
- Evercrete Vetrofluid: water glass that penetrates deep into the concrete making it waterproof and resistant;
- Brickcover: waterproof and dustproof protection of surfaces of all bricks, terracotta, natural stone, cured asphalt and marble.

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