Catania Calcio

Location: Catania - Italy 2010

Treatment: protective treatment with EverCrete Pavishield and resurfacing with Ercole.

Description: the floor of the new sports center of Catania Calcio has been protected and covered with Ecobeton technologies.
A protective anti-evaporation treatment with Evercrete Pavishield has been applied: it prevents saponification and it is the perfect base for subsequent coating.
Ercole was then applied. It is an innovative cementitious coating, that is applied in two coats, with a squeegee. Thanks to its fluidity and its manageability, in one day you can cover an area of 1000 square meters. Ercole is waterproof, 45MPa at 7 days, is abrasion resistant and it is carriageable even at 1 mm thickness.

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