Castle of Serravalle

Location: Serravalle - San Marino 2008

Treatment: protection of the castle stone façade with Brickcover

Description: The Castle of Serravalle is an ancient and impressive medieval castle in Serravalle. The building is famous for being owned by Malatesta and for the defence during the wars in medieval age. The external appearance of the castle is intact and magnificent as once: the stone-faced and red bricks are in excellent condition, and recall the past ages. The facades, protected with Brickcover, a protective water-repellent solution for bricks that penetrates into the pores of the stone and preserve the original surface appearance. Brickcover is an environmentally friendly product which prevents the formation of mold and bacteria and prevents efflorescences. The stone is naturally protected from degradation, resistant to atmospheric attack and cycles of freezing and thawing.

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