Bonding Agent


Low thickness floor realised with Bonding Agent

Low thickness overlay

Bonding Agent is a multifunctional product that allows to definitively bond coatings or patches based on Portland cement to an existing support, giving the cementitious mix properties not detectable in no other bonding agent, additive or modifier.
It comes in liquid form and can be used as bonding agent or as admixture to the mix.

Bonding Agent in concrete floor restoration

Repairs durably

Bonding Agent, used as admixture, makes the concrete mix elastic, thixotropic, waterproof and resistant to frost and thaw cycles. The addition of Bonding Agent to sand and cement, allows to apply the mortar to any thickness and on many supports (old concrete, wood, asphalt and others).

Using Bonding Agent you have a strong reduction in the cracks in the cast.

Bonding Agent power trowelled

It sticks, it holds, it bonds.

When Bonding Agent is added to Portland cement, allows to bond a new cast or cement mortar tenaciously to an existing support. It is able to anchor castings of thickness of 0.5 cm with extraordinary adhesion and cohesion force. It can be used to level and restore any thickness.

Bonding Agent properties

Additive for low-thickness castings


Bonding Agent significantly reduces the mixing water, increase the impermeability of mortar and concrete.

Adhesion promoter

Bonds tenaciously the mortars and concrete to any type of support.


Allows making repairs with shallow thickness without the need of a primer.

Structural repairs

Suitable for structural repairs and reconstructions.