Everwood - timber coke tower protection

Protection against humidity, mould, high temperature and fire

Enhancing Durability and Efficiency in Industrial Environments with ECOBETON's Everwood

In the demanding world of industrial cooling systems, the longevity and durability of construction materials are paramount. ECOBETON's Everwood has emerged as a transformative solution, particularly evidenced by its performance in coke cooling towers—environments known for their harsh conditions and high temperatures.

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Traditionally, timber structures within coke cooling towers face a severe limitation: they typically fail within six months of operation due to the extreme operational conditions that lead to rapid degradation. The need for frequent replacements not only incurs high material and labor costs but also increases downtime, affecting overall productivity.

Solution: ECOBETON introduced Everwood, a deep penetrating sealer designed to extend the life of timber in severe environmental conditions. Everwood's innovative formula penetrates deep into the timber, filling the pores and forming a barrier that enhances the material's resistance to moisture, heat, and biological threats like mould.

Application and Results: The application of Everwood in a standard Coke cooling tower demonstrated remarkable results. With an initial application of 1.2 tons of Everwood, the timber's life expectancy improved threefold. This significant enhancement in durability is attributed to Everwood's ability to:

  • Limit water penetration: By creating a matrix within timber not on the surface, Everwood prevents moisture ingress, a primary cause of timber degradation.
  • Act as a fire retardant: Everwood reduces the timber's flammability, contributing to safer operational conditions, and allowing to achieve A1 protection.
  • Prevent mould growth and increase hardness: The sealer prevents biological growth and hardens the wood, thus prolonging its structural integrity.


The implementation of Everwood not only extends the lifespan of timber structures but also reduces the need for frequent maintenance. This leads to cost savings and less operational downtime, making Everwood a cost-effective and reliable solution for industrial applications. Through this case study at a Coke cooling tower, ECOBETON demonstrates its commitment to innovative, sustainable solutions that meet the challenges of modern industries. 

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