Rebuild without demolish

Ercole® is a cement coating that is applied to low thickness (from 1 mm to 3 mm) on damaged or severely deteriorated concrete of external surfaces. The correct application of the product guarantee the protection of the the surface worn, avoiding its demolition.

Mixing of Ercole
Coloured Ercole

Renovate, decorate, beautify

Any horizontal or vertical surface, either pedestrian or carriageable, can be easily renewed.

Ercole is a premixed powder cement based product ready to use: Just add some water to get a compound easily spreadable and very high performance.

Strong as Hercules

Ercole does not fear vehicular traffic, resists atmospheric agents, to thaw frost cycles.
It has an extraordinary wear resistance in just 2 mm. Ideal for ramps, sidewalks, driveways, car parks, bike lanes.

Ercole on carrigeable surfaces

Ercole properties

Low thickness cementitious overlay


Also suitable for swimming pools

Frost Resistant

Resists frost-thaw cycles and deicing salts


Suitable for car parks, ramps and industrial areas.

Resistant to atmospheric attacks

Ideal for overlays exposed outside

Ercole properties

Low thickness cementitious overlay

Fire resistant

Ercole has passed class A tests

Applicable from 1 to 3 mm

Smooth Texture, broomed or decorative stamped finish

Abrasion resistant

contains German spheroid quartz

Eco-friendly and safe

Ercole is a cement based product, solvent-free and without volatile organic compounds (VOC)