Ecobeton References.
Over 20 years of concrete repairs and protection

Rail Fuel Terminal 

At rail fuel terminals, concrete structures are often subjected to harsh conditions, including chemical spills, heavy loads, and constant wear and tear. Over time, these factors can lead to severe erosion and damage, compromising the integrity and safety of the terminal. To address these issues, we utilized Strutturale and Vetrofluid for an effective restoration solution.

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Papermill repairs

In the high-humidity environment of a papermill, concrete structures face constant exposure to moisture, leading to potential issues such as cracking, erosion, and microbial growth. Using Crono and Vetrofluid together provides a comprehensive solution to protect and enhance the durability of concrete in these challenging conditions.

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Biogas Plant Mechthausen

 Vetrofluid is a cutting-edge concrete protection solution, specifically designed to enhance the durability and longevity of concrete structures in harsh environments such as biogas plants. Biogas plants present unique challenges due to the presence of aggressive chemicals and microbial activity, which can accelerate the degradation of concrete. 

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L.A Airport LAX

Runways at major airports like LAX are subjected to extreme conditions, including heavy aircraft loads, thermal expansion, and contraction, as well as exposure to various weather elements. Ensuring the longevity and durability of these concrete surfaces is crucial for maintaining safe and efficient airport operations. The FAA recommends the use of high-performance curing and protection treatments to enhance the durability of concrete runways.
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Cooling Tower - EVERWOOD

Cooling towers are critical components in industrial plants, but they pose significant challenges to the materials used in their construction. Timber, a common material in cooling towers, is constantly exposed to moisture, high temperatures, and microbial attacks. These conditions can lead to rapid deterioration, compromising the structural integrity and efficiency of the cooling towers.
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Concrete Slab Protection

Vetrofluid is the ultimate solution for curing and protecting concrete slabs in construction projects. Its advanced formulation ensures optimal curing, waterproofing, and long-term durability, safeguarding concrete structures from environmental damage. By choosing Vetrofluid, construction professionals can ensure the longevity and integrity of their concrete installations, achieving superior results in every project.
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