Concrete repairs and protection against water errosion

Restoring Papermill Infrastructure: A Success Story with Ecobeton Products

In a busy papermill, continuous exposure to water and humidity can lead to significant infrastructure damage, posing risks to both safety and productivity. Recently, one such papermill faced severe concrete erosion and rusted rebars, particularly in its firewater tank and other critical areas. Using Ecobeton's high-quality products, including Crono, Strutturale, Vetrofluid, and Rustbuster, the facility successfully underwent a comprehensive repair and reconditioning project without interrupting its 24-hour operations.


Assessing the Damage

Initial inspections revealed extensive damage. The ceiling beams, walls, and other concrete surfaces displayed signs of severe erosion and decay. The firewater tank, essential for the papermill's safety protocols, was significantly deteriorated, with visible water damage. Additionally, the rusted rebars, crucial for maintaining structural integrity, were exposed and corroded.

The Restoration Process

1. **Surface Preparation and Cleaning**
   The first step was a thorough cleaning and preparation of the damaged surfaces. A specialized degreaser was employed to clean the concrete, effectively removing years of grime and contaminants. This crucial step also helped restore the alkali environment necessary for the proper bonding of repair materials.

2. **Rust Treatment with Rustbuster**
   Rusted rebars were treated with Rustbuster, one of Ecobeton's eco-friendly products designed to halt and prevent further rusting. This treatment not only stopped the corrosion but also protected the rebars from future rust, ensuring long-term durability.

3. **Concrete Repair with Crono and Strutturale**
   Eroded concrete was repaired using Crono, a fast-setting mortar ideal for urgent repairs. Strutturale, a structural repair mortar, was used for areas requiring more extensive restoration. These products restored the structural integrity of the papermill, providing a solid and durable repair that blends seamlessly with the existing concrete.

4. **Waterproofing with Vetrofluid**
   To protect the restored concrete from future water damage, Vetrofluid, an advanced waterproofing solution, was applied. This product penetrates deep into the concrete, creating a waterproof barrier that prevents moisture from seeping in and causing further damage. The application of Vetrofluid ensures that the repaired areas remain durable and resistant to humidity and water exposure.

#### The Outcome

The restoration project was a resounding success. The firewater tank and other critical areas of the papermill were restored to optimal condition, with the concrete surfaces looking as good as new. The use of Ecobeton products not only repaired the visible damage but also provided long-lasting protection against future deterioration. The treated rebars are now rust-free and secure, contributing to the overall safety and longevity of the structure.

#### Maintaining Safety During Restoration

Given that the papermill operates 24/7, it was crucial to ensure that the firewater tank remained functional throughout the restoration process. This was achieved through careful planning and execution, ensuring that the essential safety measures were never compromised, even for a short time.

#### Conclusion

This project at the papermill demonstrates the effectiveness of Ecobeton's products in restoring and preserving concrete structures exposed to harsh environmental conditions. By using eco-friendly and high-performance materials like Crono, Strutturale, Vetrofluid, and Rustbuster, the integrity and functionality of this vital industrial site have been successfully maintained.

If you manage a papermill or similar industrial facility and face infrastructure challenges, consider Ecobeton's range of innovative products designed to deliver lasting results while respecting the environment. Visit our website to learn more about our offerings and how we can help you achieve your restoration and maintenance goals.


*Note: The images provided showcase the condition of the papermill before and after the restoration work, highlighting the significant improvements achieved through the use of Ecobeton products.*
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