Bold and elegant

Poseidone is the perfect modern material for designing swimming pools, Turkish baths, and saunas.

Poseidone is continuous cement coating that enhances the original architecture and capable of renewing and giving new aesthetic life to the classic garden pool.

Poseidone overlay on a swimming pool
Application of Poseidone

One single product, easy to apply

Poseidone is a ready-to-use one-component cementitious coating.

Easy to apply, can renovate, cover, and decorate your swimming pool at the same time. A great selection of colors can be added to the mix during preparation.

Poseidon rules your waters.

Like a true lord of the sea, it resists and protects the walls and floors of your pools from the most critical conditions.

Poseidone is not afraid of freeze-thaw cycles, chemical aggressions and abrasions, offers excellent adhesion to the substrate and waterproofing in thicknesses from 4 to 10mm.

Pool stairs with Poseidone

Poseidone properties

Cementitious overlay for swimming pools


Suitable for swimming pools, tanks, etc.

Frost Resistant

Resists frost-thaw cycles and deicing salts

Chemical Resistant

Suitable for pools treated with chlorine, salt or sea water

Resistant to atmospheric attacks

Ideal for overlays exposed outside

Poseidone properties

Cementitious overlay for swimming pools

Easy to apply

Water based single-component to be applied by spatula or trowel

Applicable from 4 to 10 mm

Smooth Texture or decorative stamped finish

Abrasion resistant

contains German spheroid quartz

Eco-friendly and safe

poseidone is a cement based product, solvent-free and without volatile organic compounds (VOC)