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    Product for professional use

    Two-Component Flexible Waterproofing Mortar

    25 kg (Part A) - 10 kg (Part B)

    Gray powder + white liquid

    1.5 kg/m2/mm


    Baselastik is a high-performance, two-component flexible waterproofing mortar suitable for various applications such as swimming pools, tubs, terraces, and balconies. It provides a robust waterproofing base before the installation of ceramic tiles or microcement coatings.Flexible waterproofing mortar like Baselastik provides excellent protection for a variety of surfaces.Baselastik offers an effective waterproofing solution for both residential and commercial applications.


    • Two components: Part A (high-strength cement, selected mineral charges, and specific additives) and Part B (organic copolymers in liquid dispersion and specific additives).
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor wet and humid areas.
    • Ensures a final waterproofing thickness of 3 mm.
    • Applicable on cement-based plaster, cement-lime mortar, cementitious screed, concrete, ceramic, plasterboard, and marine wood.

    Applications: Waterproofing walls and floors in swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, terraces, and balconies; restoring old terraces without demolishing existing surfaces; enhancing concrete durability; waterproofing basins, tanks, swimming pools, concrete pipes, reservoirs, and canals.

    Mixing Instructions: Mix Part A (25 kg) with Part B (10 kg) until the mixture is homogeneous and lump-free. Use a low-speed mixer (approx. 500 rpm). Apply immediately.

    Application Instructions: Apply with a smooth steel trowel. Ensure the substrate is sound, clean, and dry. Apply two coats, with each coat being no more than 2 mm thick, to achieve a final thickness of 3 mm. Protect from water and weather until fully cured.

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